2018/2019: Eyes on the road, just glance in the rear view mirror

Queer Chocolatier is ready to be ready for 2019!

Queer Chocolatier is ready to be ready for 2019!

I’ll surely review this last year more attentively soon, but this queer has some goals to work toward in 2019.

There is so much to look forward to next year, but the biggest goal I have is to be ready for all 2019 will bring me. There will be good and bad, most of all there will be lots of unexpected events that arise and it is time for me to return back to a rolling-with-the-punches kind of girl.

I’ve always been an easy-going person (in my own view of myself, feel free to disagree), but 2018 was the stressiest year I’ve had in memory. Building a shop was hard and I don’t look forward to building the next one…yet. I’m sure I’ll forget how hard it was down the road when I go to expand or start a new project. I am ready to regain some of that easy-going balance while also becoming a bit more adult in preparing for the future success of Queer Chocolatier.

Let me put it this way: Emotionally, I was more prepared for the failure of Queer Chocolatier than I was for any amount of success that I have low-key surprised myself. I have a blank slate to work with. I haven’t failed. But now I need to be ready to succeed and grow into being a businessqueer. Instead of having the approach of “Hey, at least I tried!” and waiting for folx to tell me that sentiment as warmly as they can, I’m ready to keep trying, experimenting, learning, growing.

Here’s a small, nebulous list of things I want to have for the coming year of Queer Chocolatier:

  • I’m looking forward to writing again and getting back to studying chocolate as well as issues related to and impacting queer and/or trans* identities, so you have a chance to catch up on my blog and past newsletters before I relaunch both of them with regularity!

  • Baked goods will be a big segment of offerings at the Chocolate House and I am ready to experiment and play with a few recipes to bring something high-quality and fun to our tables.

  • I am really itching to play with bean to bar production! It will take a lot of work and learning and delicious failures. I think I can handle that.

  • Relatedly, I think amplifying and elevating our tasting events and turning some of them into classes for all ages will be incredibly gratifying and hopefully folx will enjoy walking along my chocolate journey with me.

  • We want to participate in more events and venues and put ourselves out in the community and beyond a bit more! It is time to do a bit of stretching. Shouldn’t the rest of Indiana and the Midwest get to meet me and Cheri?!?

  • Summertime may mean for a whole new menu component to be added but it also leaves me quite a puzzle to solve, so if you see me with a thinking face, it is likely this puzzle I’m pondering. Or I’m just wondering where I left my phone.

If you want to keep up with some of these benchmarks and new adventures with us, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter! But always feel welcome to come in, indulge in some drinking chocolate and truffles, and ask me what’s coming down the road for QC. I’ll take a quick glance at the rear view mirror before I answer, but my hands are definitely steady on the wheel.