Vegan Truffles Lavender Menace

Lavender Menace Truffles - Vegan (4-pack)


A twist from the ordinary, these deliciously floral truffles will expand your senses as you simultaneously experience the taste and smell with each bite. Lavender Menace Truffles are Mijao dark chocolate imbued with the floral aromas of lavender and vanilla. Trust me when I say they will transport you to the vast lavender fields of France or, in fact, Hill Country Texas, which is where I source my culinary lavender!

Lavender Menace Truffles are in honor of the many queer women who came before me to fight for our inclusion and voice in the feminist movement during the 70s! If your feminism ain't intersectional, it ain't feminism. #hereandqueer

(4-pack) Box of 4 truffles for $10

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Vegan Truffles Lavender Menace

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Ingredient List:

Dark chocolate, coconut cream, culinary lavender, vanilla extract, cocoa powder.

Prepared in a certified kitchen.

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