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Vegan Truffles

April: Cherry Blossom - Vegan (4-pack)


I hear it is cherry blossom season! Although here in the Midwest, there isn't much to be seen, just heard, when it comes to these particular beauties. But, even a queer Hoosier can be inspired!

Introducing our newest truffle flavor: Cherry Blossom Truffles! Our 61% dark chocolate ganache is infused with cherry liqueur and elderflower liqueur to create a deep floral aroma and rich sweetness to enjoy. Available only about as long as the blossoms themselves, this flavor is here for the rest of April! Grab a box today for yourself or anyone you unapologetically love!

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Additional Info

Ingredient List:

Dark chocolate, coconut cream, elderflower liqueur, cherry liqueur (contains nuts), cocoa powder.

Produced in a certified kitchen.

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