Vegan Truffles Bourbon Pecan

Bourbon Pecan Truffles - Vegan (4-pack)


One of my favorites, Bourbon Pecan Truffles provide layers of depth with oakey bourbon mingling with Mijao dark chocolate and the nutty sweetness of Texan pecans. Woodford Reserve bourbon is infused with vanilla pods for 8-weeks and then mixed with a fresh pecan cream to make a delightful boozy, nutty "cream" that melts into the chocolate. Chopped roasted pecans coat the outside of these gorgeous delights to create the perfectly-balanced truffle experience.

Brace yourself. When I say there's bourbon in there, believe me, it's in there.

Box of 4 truffles for $10

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Vegan Truffles Bourbon Pecan

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Ingredients List:

Dark chocolate, pecan cream (pecans, water), Woodford Reserve bourbon, cocoa powder.

Prepared in a certified kitchen.

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