Vegan Truffles Bittersweet
Vegan Truffles

Bittersweet Truffles - Vegan (4-pack)


Pure, unadulterated chocolate bliss! 

Thirteen years ago I made my first Bittersweet Truffles using only chocolate, cream, butter and cocoa powder. It was the onset of an obsession that finally has culminated into my dream. More recently, I’ve crafted vegan truffles that use coconut cream and remain as true to the pure chocolate experience as the classic truffles!

Bittersweet chocolate truffles made with Mijao dark chocolate are a simple yet sophisticated treat for yourself and someone you unapologetically love.

Why the Ball jar? Cheri and I met at Ball State University for graduate school! 

Box of 4 truffles for $10

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Vegan Truffles Bittersweet

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Ingredient List:

Dark chocolate (60%), coconut cream, cocoa powder.

Prepared in a certified kitchen.

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