Vegan Truffles

March: "Bailey's" Irish Cream Truffle - Vegan (4-pack)


Sure, Irish Cream goes great with coffee, but it is arguably even better with chocolate! Housemade vegan "Bailey's" Irish Cream Truffles are a smooth, creamy, and decadent treat to enjoy throughout the month of March. Our housemade vegan "Bailey's" is a combination of Jameson whiskey, coconut cream, brown sugar, and brewed black coffee. It is reduced and then mixed with a touch more coconut cream and carefully blended into Mijao 61% dark chocolate to make an exquisite ganache. Finished with a roll of cocoa powder, vegan "Bailey's" Irish Cream Truffles are a guaranteed delight!

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Ingredient List:

Dark chocolate, coconut cream, Jameson whiskey, brown sugar, brewed coffee, cocoa powder.

Produced in a certified kitchen.

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