Monthly Truffle Box Subscriptions

Perfect holiday and/or birthday gifts for those you unapologetically love (especially yourself!)

Enjoy giving the gift of a Queer Chocolatier Truffle Box Subscription to yourself or some lucky person!

Delicious truffles on a regular basis with minimal effort??? WE LIVE IN A GLORIOUS AGE!!!

Delicious truffles on a regular basis with minimal effort??? WE LIVE IN A GLORIOUS AGE!!!

Life is too short to always come to my website and buy truffles.

This queer sympathizes!

Sign up for a Truffle Box Subscription and make your life so much easier and chocolaty-ier! 

Choose a length of subscription (3, 6, or 12 months). Then sit back and wait for the truffles to shuffle their way to you on a regular basis!

Shipping included with subscription! Or, if you are local, visit our shop and pick them up with no shipping costs!

Wait! What flavors will you get?!?

Each new month will feature a delicious flavor that will be sure to tempt you into sneaking back to the website to buy more! 

Don't like the flavor for the upcoming month? I understand. Simply send me a message either to postpone that delivery or to gift that month's box to someone who you think would love that flavor!

Truffles will be made fresh and shipped out on the second Monday of each month. This gives you time to communicate with me any needs to postpone or gift that month's shipment. If I don't hear from you, you'll see truffles on your doorstep as usual!

You can have recurring payments via PayPal or you can pay all at once for your Truffle Box Subscription! It's your choice!

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recurring monthly payment plans (via paypal)

You'll get an email during the last week of the month announcing the next month's flavor. Don't like that flavor? Either skip it and tack that month on at the end of your subscription or gift that month to someone who you think would enjoy that month's box of truffles! 

Subscribe below with PayPal button selecting the subscription package!

You will be taken to PayPal's site to complete your order for recurring payments. You will have a monthly recurring payment that will end on the last month of your subscription. You can always start a new subscription when your current one ends!

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