Guided Tasting Event

Queer Chocolatier Guided Tasting Event - March 15


Have you ever wanted to know how to taste chocolate and find the words to express your experience? Are you interested in sampling several different chocolates to compare different characteristics of fine flavor beans? Do you just want to be in the company of chocolate-loving fanatics?

Then this event is for you! Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 7:00pm!

Queer Chocolatier owners Morgan Roddy and Cheri Ellefson will guide you through several samples of chocolates to taste made by Chocolates El Rey, the source chocolate used in our truffles. We will walk through a process of identifying different flavors, tastes, textures while providing you with the vocabulary to help enhance your experience.

This event is not for the pretentious; we want to make chocolate-tasting accessible, intentional, educational, and most of all, enjoyable!

Tickets are $5 and available on a limited basis due to space in our shop. If you are interested in future events, be sure to contact me in order to stay informed on upcoming tastings! Your ticket includes one truffle of your choice! Additional truffles will be available for purchase.

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