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Casey from Texas via Facebook


Super easy to order my favorite Truffles on Facebook, on my phone at 5AM!

Ari from Indiana via Facebook


Some of the best truffles you will eat, plain and simple. Decadent and deliciously rich chocolate, Hand-crafted with a wide variety of bold flavors. Really well-balanced so you can taste the chocolate and the particular flavor, which I actually find rare in truffles. Delicious and delicious and delicious! Try them all and then do it again!

Cat from Indiana Via Facebook


Fantastic chocolate and a very warm and friendly owner!!

Sam from minnesota via facebook/



I’m fairly picky about the sweets I eat, and I always look for a great ingredient list prior to trying most treats. The Bourbon Pecan Truffles exceed all expectations in both taste and simplicity. Great taste, great owner, great business! Cant wait to order more!

Abigail from indiana via facebook


The mulled wine chocolates are amazing. 11/10 for being better than I would have expected any chocolates could possibly be.

Keaira from indiana via facebook


Tried their Lavender Menace truffle and it was perfect!

heather from indiana via instagram


Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.04.37 PM.png

I went to the local farmer's market this morning and tried these truffles from @queerchocolatier - AMAZING! I've only tried a vanilla porter so far, but the bourbon pecan is calling me... Si glad I stopped by this morning. Check them out - their website has shipping info and they're opening a storefront this week! #queerchocolatier #truffles #chocolate#supportlocalshops#chocolatedoesnotdiscriminate

amy from indiana via facebook


I love the pumpkin spiced truffle!! It was so creamy and chocolaty with the right ammount of pumpkin spice!

Muncie Makers' Market via instagram



Sooooo delicious and decadent, what a gift for yourself or someone you're looking to impress - new flavors to try every week!

jeff from indiana via facebook


If you have a sweet tooth or looking for excellent truffles, here you go! Morgan is a friend and makes delicious treats!

amy from indiana via facebook


Are you kidding me?!? These truffles are amazing!! Do yourself a favor and buy some. Go ahead. Go!

cindy from indiana via facebook


This has become my favorite stops on a Saturday at Makers Market. The chocolate is unbelievably rich and has flavors that you will not find any where else. Girl,you spoil my taste buds!

Lisa from England via Instagram


Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.08.02 PM.png

One last indulgence of the weekend! The truffles are even more delicious because they're made by someone so awesome- thanks @queerchocolatier!! #QueerChocolatier #Chocolate #RedWine#Truffles #DietStartsTomorrow

emily from oregon via instagram


Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 8.41.58 PM.png

Doing summer right: gourmet s'mores with peanut butter and @queerchocolatier truffles #happylaborday#doingsummerright #glamping #smores#queerchocolatier

Leslie from indiana via facebook


If you haven't added Queer Chocolatier to your gay agenda, do it NOW, thank me later.

marissa from indiana via facebook



A lot of truffle ended up on their hands/faces, but I think it's safe to say you've got two superfans!

Lisa from indiana via facebook


Mmmmmm....chocolate. The Burnt Caramel with Sea Salt is soooo good.

Dorothy from indiana via facebook


Quels délices! My French friends and I love these!

@queerchocolatier  We got our chocolates! My favorites are the porter and the burnt caramel with sea salt. Yum! Also, we love love love the biodegradable packaging. Thank you!!  #supportqueerbusiness   #queerchocolatier  #eatmorechocolate

@queerchocolatier We got our chocolates! My favorites are the porter and the burnt caramel with sea salt. Yum! Also, we love love love the biodegradable packaging. Thank you!! #supportqueerbusiness #queerchocolatier#eatmorechocolate

Karis from Alaska Via Instagram


Kayls from indiana via facebook


I've been following the page since I found it, but I stumbled upon y'all in the wild today at the Minnetrista Market and my life was CHANGED. The Lavender Menace was so, so yummy, as well as the Dirty Chai. I love your passion and your point to keep the personal, political. Keep up the amazing work and know that you have support!

Katie from indiana via facebook


Tried the dirty chai truffle today and it was so delicious! Can't wait to try more!

Harmony from Indiana via instagram


Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.45.18 PM.png

Remember that picture of me clutching a box I said had chocolate inside? This is what was in the box! Truffles from @queerchocolatier -- Flaming Peanut Butter and Dirty Chai. She's officially opening her store soon, so you should definitely go follow, sign up for her newsletter and warn your tastebuds!

#chocolate #truffles #hoosierbusiness#womanownedbusiness#lgbtqownedbusiness

matt from indiana via facebook


So I don't actively choose to eat chocolate. But after eating Queer Chocolatier's creations, I wonder why on god's green earth have I made such a mistake my whole life.

I recently tried a bourbon almond truffle that made me think that I could give up all other sweets for the rest of my life as long as I had a life time supply of those things.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how somebody could create such an amazing thing.

Amy from Indiana via Facebook


Absolutely AMAZING, loved, loved, LOVED them all!!

Lauren from indiana via facebook


I had the pleasure of trying some samples and they were SoOoOoOo GOOD. Awesome job Lady! I look forward to more.

inga from virgina via facebook


Simply the best! as my friend Tina Turner would say! Congratulation!!!

Jackie from Minnesota via Instagram


#perksofbeingatastetester After writing for what seemed like 9372818272939272729 hours, I heard a knock at my door. The mailman brought me treats to taste test from @queerchocolatier  You guys. I nearly cried, I was so happy. Let's face it, you know me. I blubbered a "thank you so much" and proceeded to rip open the package like a 8 year old at Christmas. When I tell you that these are the best truffles I have ever had...I mean THESE ARE THE BEST TRUFFLES I HAVE EVER HAD. #imnotsharing Stop what you are doing and go and order some. Unless you are allergic to chocolate, then go with God- I can't help you. #bourbonpecan #dirtychai#truffles #truffleshuffle

Alex from Washington State via Instagram


I enjoy being a test subject for my friends' business ventures, yes I dooo!!! #queerchocolatier#queerchocolate @queerchocolatier

Steph from Indiana via facebook


I was honored to taste-test amazing truffles from a new Muncie-area business woman. Morgan Ellefson Roddy, you make a hell of a truffle!#AllTheBourbon

c.s. from indiana via facebook


I've been taste testing for Morgan over the past few months. Let me tell you, she has perfected these delicious truffles. Make sure to order some when August comes around!

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