Burnt Caramel w/ Sea Salt Truffles
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Burnt Caramel w/Sea Salt Truffles (4-pack)


Deep, rich, smooth caramel infuses the creamy ganache of the Burnt Caramel w/Sea Salt Truffle. Tiny pops of sea salt leap onto your tongue as you are washed away with wave after wave of caramel and Mijao dark chocolate stay with you. Prepared to be pulled into the dark undertow of the sea.

Consistently listed as a fan favorite during multiple rounds of taste testing! Order to find out why!

(4-pack) Box of 4 truffles for $10

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Burnt Caramel w/ Sea Salt Truffles

Additional Info

Ingredient List:

Dark chocolate, heavy cream, butter, burnt caramel base (sugar, water), cocoa powder.

Prepared in a certified kitchen.

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